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Why Small Businesses Should Get External Audits

The term ‘audit’ can make any business owner feel worried about their financial health since these are forms of examinations that determine whether the company is operationally sound or not. External and internal auditors function differently, but it’s better to focus on getting external audits for start-ups and small businesses since it offers a bias-free examination of your financial data. 

An in-house internal auditor may have some hesitations with exposing blunders in your processing and policies, plus their services may not be as feasible for budding owners who have tight budget constraints. But self-auditing can leave plenty of room for costly mistakes; that’s why small businesses can benefit the most from getting external audits. 

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What Makes External Audits Right For Your Small Business?

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Benefit #1: Ensures Your Company Stays Tax Compliant 

External auditors can have a greater overview of your financial information, which means they can have a critical eye when spotting errors in your accounting processes. They’re also up-to-date with different tax regulations in different states, so an external audit can ensure your business remains tax compliant and avoid getting fines. 

Not to mention, external auditors don’t have the same pressures as internal auditors, so they won’t fear receiving repercussions whenever they open up critical flaws in a company’s internal procedures. 


Benefit #2: Produce Credible Financial Statements

Hiring an external auditor can also give you an edge since they don’t offer any biased assessment, so in the outside perspective, people will regard the conclusions of your audits as more credible than internal audits. This is because they can have greater confidence that your company has no powerful influence over the results of the audit, so there are little-to-no chances of tweaking the process to achieve a favorable outcome. 

With a greater authenticity and assurance with your financial statements, an external audit ensures your business is running as efficiently as it can be without hiding areas that need improvement. 

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Benefit #3: Offer Higher Technical Skills and Better Quality Control

External auditors often work from reputable accounting firms, which means they have enough technical expertise and industry experience to guarantee quality services. They can do a better job at assessing your internal processes, so you can have peace of mind knowing that their reports will be comprehensive, accurate, and mostly error-free! 


The Bottom Line: The Role of an External Audit for Small Businesses 

An external audit plays a pivotal role in clarifying and vetting your company’s financial health, which means it’s an important function that deserves your attention. Dealing with an internal audit can be trickier for small businesses; that’s why the list above should help you explore the benefits of working with external auditors for budding ventures like yours. 


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