What makes a good accountant

What Makes a Good Accountant?

Choosing a skilled accountant is one of the major decisions business owners have to make. Being enthusiastic about a financial vision of a business is one thing, but good accountants are talented to increase the growth of your business with their remarkable thinking strategies.

The right bookkeeper will become your trusted colleague, and help you out to grow your business with his advice and guidance. There are certain characteristics you need to consider in choosing the right accountant. 

Accountants are in charge of keeping records of the finances and all the administration services of your business. They are responsible to make sure that the records are precise and updated. However, there comes a question about what makes a good accountant among several accountants. Go through the complete article to know your answer. 

Let’s look into the details…!

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What Makes a Good Accountants – 9 Characteristics

Here are the characteristics of an accountant that makes him good among others.

Characteristics of good accountants


1, Good Accountants are Detailed-oriented and Results Driven:

Good accountants are talented in funneling the business’s financial vision into successful business plans. They make sure that the records of a company are precise and up to date and can confidentially grasp the complicated fiscal equations and legislative necessities.


2. Good Accountants have a Business-Mind and Heart of a Businessman

Great accountants have a business mind and understand a variety of trade models so are able to decide what financial strategies best suit a business’s required objectives. They can also offer advice in terms of financial outcome management and income-building as they know how to improve their own business.


3. Good Accountants are Considered and are not Conservative

Good accountants have well-developed individual skills that help them to develop trust and make a bond with their clients. They can utilise their integrity to promote a respectful environment that helps business owners to make the right decision for their business.


4. Good Accountants are Organised and Well-Structured

Good accountants have the skills to manage work on time and keep their workplaces clean. They make sure that they complete their projects on time and adore a highly structured organisation with strict rules and regulations.


5. Good Accountants have Good Communication Skills

Good accountants have well-developed communication and writing skills. They can communicate in an understandable and instructive way and can write clearly and convincingly. When networking, good accountants have a natural ability to assert themselves.


6. Good Accountants are Great Leaders

Good accountants have the skills, confidence, and patience to represent. They are great role models and one of their leading skills is making logical decisions that they make for improving the company’s financial position.


7. Good Accountants are Qualified, Enthusiastic, and Initiative

Choosing an accountant with specialized knowledge is better than hiring a person who performs everything. Therefore good accountants are qualified and can energise the entire team with their positive behavior and are willing to learn their business. Good bookkeepers are initiative means that they can work and think independently, which leads your company to be trusted by your customers.


8. Good Accountants have International Work Experience

International work experience is one of the key characteristics of a good accountant. It will add another string to one’s bow in becoming a good accountant. Choosing an accountant with international work experience will assist you to trade internationally.


9. Good Accountants are Efficient, Reliable and Organisable

Good accountants perform efficiently. They ensure that all work is done accordingly under legal compliance. Moreover, they complete their work on time and avoid getting involved in conflicts with the customers.

Good accountants are organised. They keep themselves organised in managing transactions, portfolios, and other records. In addition to this, good accountants are 24/7 hours available to clients for help. They adhere to the accounting standards and perform their work on time.


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