What Is Capital Expenditure

What is Capital Expenditure – A Basic Guide!

A capital term in accounting is an asset that is carried on a company’s balance sheet and depreciated over a fixed time. Capital expense or capital expenditures or CAPEX is the amount of money that your company spends in order to generate profit. If you are looking for a significant source to know what is capital expenditure, its importance, and formula, then you have found the right source! This blog will let you know about all the necessary details of CAPEX.


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What is Capital Expenditure?

CAPEX is the money spent by your company in order to generate future profit. It contrasts with operational expenses (OPEX), which deals with the company’s day-to-day costs.

A company’s capital expenditure is the money or expense used to purchase, upgrade/repair, improve, and maintain tangible assets such as land, buildings, technology, and equipment, etc.

Enterprises most often used CAPEX to invest in new projects. For example, renovation of a roof, the purchase of new equipment or machinery, or the construction of a new factory are all examples of capital expenditures on fixed assets

The word “capital expenditure” refers to a one-time investment on long-term assets to expand the scope of a company’s operations.


Capital Expenditures Formula and Calculation

The formula for calculating CAPEX is:

Capital Expenditure  = PP&E (current) – PP&E (prior) + depreciation


PP&E= Change in property, plant, and equipment

The components of this formula can be seen on the balance sheet and income statement. For example, current and previous property, plant, and machinery (PP&E) can be found on the balance sheet, whereas depreciation can be found on the income statement.


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The Characteristics of CAPEX

The following are some common traits of CAPEX:

  • Contain a significant company’s value
  • Need special approval by shareholders and directors
  • They’re Infrequent
  • The money is taken from sources other than the operating budget
  • Need time for preparation and implementation


What is Included in Capital Expenditures?

It includes money spent on the following:

Capital Expenditures

  • Upgrading an existing asset
  • Repayment of loan
  • Acquiring fixed and non-physical assets
  • Repairing an existing asset


Importance of CAPEX in Business

 Your capital expenditures strategy shows the amount of your company’s investment in fixed assets (new and existing) to increase and maintain income. 

CAPEX are cash outlays for a particular accounting period. Therefore, they are tracked on the CF statement. They are also listed as assets on the company’s balance sheet in the section of PP&E.

Its analysis assists executives in understanding if an asset provides an appealing rate of return or not in terms of long-term financial planning. In this way, businesses can balance maintaining existing property and equipment with sufficient money to invest in improvement.



We hope you have understood what is capital expenditure and how to work out it. In addition, you have also come to know the importance of CAPEX in business. To sum up the discussion, we will say that making a final investment decision in CAPEX can be difficult. Therefore, you must carefully plan and examine your capital expenditure budget in order to gain the most advantage from it.


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Disclaimer: This blog is intended for providing general information on CAPEX.


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