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Work Up Your Marketing Strategy by Knowing these Customer Truths

If you’re looking forward to finding out what marketing strategies will work for 2021, you might want to revisit 2020 to figure out what worked and what didn’t.  Although 2020 may not be a sound financial year for many businesses, it taught us many lessons. Its time to take a look back at all some of these lessons, determined by analyzing data from search queries, buying behaviour, surveys and interviews. The five key insights identified by marketing strategies were: 


1- Regaining Control 

2020 was all about resilience for most people. So what’s the magic trick to regain control in 2021. How can marketers help customers not just survive but thrive in difficult situations like these? As per Google, here’s what the search intent of your customers says:


2- Working Out the Trick to Achieve Balance

People are desperate to achieve that work-life balance, that seems unachievable in times like these when the pandemic has hit hard. What’s the key to making sure your customer achieve that work-life balance? That’s the question most people are looking for an answer for, and if your product/service makes their lives easier, you might want to pitch it to customers desperate to lookout an answer for. 


3- Building Better Connections 

Although people have figured out a way to keep up with connections they’ve already built. But what about the new connections? How will your product/service help in building better connections? This can further be redefined as working towards the improvements of new connections and building out new ones at the same time. 


4- Creating a Better Space

More and more people have stayed at home/worked from home for too long. This meant these people are desperate to create better space, whether it involves reworking spaces within homes or any other environment which is a source of comfort for them. How can they come up with such spaces?  If your brand has an answer to this question, you might want to suggest it to the people looking for an answer. 


Let’s understand this by example. As Google knows best, and people invest in businesses based on other people’s search intent, last year’s searches show that people are more interested in homes, apartments, beauty, sports & fitness and entertainment. So that’s how they’re recreating a positive space around them, or this is a way of creating a positive space around them. 


We hope we’ve identified the customer’s truth for you to build out a workable strategy around this truth. We’ve identified the search intent and we hope your solutions will prove out to create ease for your customers. 

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