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Here’s All you Need to Know About Setting Up a Limited Company

When you’re Setting Up a Limited Company, you’ll find yourself doing multiple roles. Whether it’s about investing in furniture, looking for the right staff to carry out necessary tasks or dealing with a legal framework. You need to make sure that everything is taken care of while you take the big leap and start generating profit. 

Getting your company registered is one important task, and you’ve got to make sure that you’re doing the paperwork right. This is where you need the help of a limited company accountant to get you on the right path, and making sure that everything is going in the right direction. While getting onto limited company fee comparison, there are certain things you must consider. Of course, you want a professional to help you out and get the company registered without getting yourself in trouble. Here are some questions asked by business owners who are already getting themselves into company fee comparison to figure out everything. 


How Much Does an Accountant Charge for a Limited Company Setup?

The fees depend directly on the scale of services you’re willing to avail. An Accountant will charge you on the basis of the size of your company, and also the scale of your activities. There are many limited company accountants that charge customers on monthly basis, and then there are customers who charge on the basis of a list of services they’re providing to the customers. A limited company accountant normally charges around £65 – £200. That’s the average price you’ll find on our platform. Many accountants also charge you on ad hoc basis. So, it completely depends on the service provider you’re choosing for a long-term basis. 


What’s Included in a Limited Company Package?

As a company owner, you don’t ever need to compromise on the core services you’re providing. An accounting package normally includes the following: 

  • Help with using online software. 
  • Access to a dedicated accountant.
  • Help in processing your payroll
  • Help with year-end accounts completion. 
  • Submission of corporate tax returns on time. 

There are additional services you might end up getting more interested in. These include: 

We’ve made the role of a company accountant pretty clear, and told you about what a typically limited company package includes too.

We have a team of accountants In London who offers special packages for limited companies. So contact us today!


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