Need an Accountant

Why You Need an Accountant | How they are Helpful

An accountant’s services are useful if you have a small business, complicated finances, or a mortgage application, among others. This professional is trained to help organize your financial data into a comprehensive report that is telling of the state of your finances, particularly cash flow. Hiring an accountant is far from an unnecessary expense; in fact, you could save much time, money, and hassle.


Three situations where you will need an accountant

1. First, when you are a small business owner whose enterprise is growing, you might not have much time in your hands to handle the accounting tasks. You might make costly mistakes in your tax forms that can lead to penalties from the HM Revenue and Customs HMRC. An accountant would remove a heavy load off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

2. Second, having an accountant would be helpful if you have complicated finances. Examples of people who have complicated finances include business owners operating more than one type of branch or business and owners of multiple properties. An accountant can help you thresh out your overall cash flow and your sources of income or properties.

3. Those applying for a mortgage will also need the services of an accountant if they have difficulty establishing their sources of income and liabilities. Just like how people who have complicated finances benefit from an accountant’s ability to iron out their state of cash flow into an intelligible form, so can mortgage applicants benefit from this set of skills and knowledge that an accountant has. These professionals can help sort out their finances with great detail and accuracy. Consequently, those seeking to apply for a mortgage would know what they can do if they are facing difficulties concerning their application. On top of that, an accountant can help them with tax-related work.


Why hire a professional?

Accounting requires years of training and experience, and not all business owners and mortgage applicants have this. Only an accountant has the vast knowledge needed for you to skirt tax rules the legal way (because there are loopholes in the law that only these professionals know about), thereby helping you save money. Besides, if you make mistakes in your accounting, it might spell the end of your business, even seven years of jail time for tax evasion.

Having an accountant around also means peace of mind. You can rest assured that someone is paying attention to your tax returns and the tedious job of financial analysis. No matter how complicated your finances are, you can rest assured that someone is looking out for you. This peace of mind is priceless as it allows you to focus your energy on the other pressing issues and tasks you need to do.


What should you look for when hiring an accountant?

The accountant you hire should have experience working with other clients who have a similar need as yours. For example, if you want to have your taxes done, you have to hire an accountant who is experienced in doing that kind of work. At the same time, the accountant should be an accredited member or fellow of any of the UK’s two royally-chartered professional association of accountants: the ACCA and CIMA. An accountant affiliated with either the ACCA or CIMA has an established reputation and practice that meets industry standards.


The cost of hiring an accountant

There is no average cost of hiring an accountant as the fees they charge vary greatly depending on the job description, their experience, and the location. You can also ask for a free quote of their service fees. To save on hiring and salary costs, you should look for at least seven quotes from accountants within or near your area so that you can compare prices and competence levels. Then, it’s just a matter of selecting the accountant with the cheapest rate for the best quality of work.

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