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Distinguish Between a Registered Office Address and a Business Address

In these COVID times, you’re left with no other option, except operating through a virtual office. While you’re looking forward to enabling this flexibility for yourself or your employees, you need to figure out whether you need Registered Office Address London or a business address.

Even if you’re a freelancer or digital nomad, you as a business owner might be obsessed by the idea of having a separate office to carry out your operational activities. However, if you just want to get your Registered Office Address London and need an address for that, that’s quite possible. Still, confused at what roles do the two of these registered address and business address paly? Let us dig in a bit deeper for you: 


Key Differences Between Registered Office Address London or Business Address:

  • In UK, its a requirement by UK’s law that you need to have a registered office address London. You can go through the company formation rule book to read about all the specifics of setting up a company. Having a company name is a must as per that. If you’re operating your business from different locations, make sure you’ve documented all those addresses in your HMRC documents. 
  • The main purpose of having a registered address is that it acts as a point where you can be contacted. This is one address where you can be contacted for a limited company or a limited liability partnership on behalf of company houses or HMRC. This is very helpful in making sure that all the legal notices are delivered on time at your end without any details. A business address or a trading address can be counted as the same thing. 
  • One other specific reason for having a registered company is to have corporate transparency. However, if you have a registered business address you’ve got to make sure that no matter how many franchises you have, you need to get only one documented. So make sure you let company houses or HMRC know about the address you want to keep so that you’re receiving all the documents on time. 
  • You can give your home address to the concerned authorities too. Giving out a registered address has other advantages, for example, the fact that you can keep your home address protected. In comparison to that, when you’re dealing with a business, you need to make sure that you only have one at a time, as it needs to be added to your company’s website, your office cards as well as emails. 

We hope that we’ve made the differences very clear. So while you’re at your game, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself. Working remotely is the preferred choice these days, but you can explore having a business address documented too for long-term benefits too. 


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