what is crowdfunding

Crowd Funding: A Realist Alternative to Bank Lending?

As a business owner, you’re not sure when your business might fall in the trap of loans. If you’re lucky enough, you get access to bank loans and bank credit. Crowdfunding is one easy option for most business owners to rely on.


What is Crowdfunding? How Does it Work?

In the past, when someone needed an investment, they would always end up returning to a community. Even today, if someone needs money, they turn towards their friends and family or lookout for investors. The concept of crowd souring relates to that somehow.

Here’s how it works. A large number of people (you can call them your business friends) pool in small investments to get a company started. These can be businesses or self-employed individuals. These are specific campaigns people contribute to. Crowdfunding helps you raise a big or small amount without any hassle. Only if there are enough people willing to invest.


What Amount Do you Expect from Crowdfunding?

More and more banks are using the crowdsourcing model to leverage a large number of customers. They end up referring more people for crowdfunding. Since startups are burgeoning all over the UK, many crowdfunding organizations have stated the limit around 18 to apply for any potential crowdsourcing opportunities. Having new people invest as little as £10 as a result of some major investment in reward of other monetary investment or perks.


Types of Crowdfunding

Here are some crowdfunding types you must be aware of:



This type of crowdfunding helps people invest in private companies like startups etc. Investors normally receive the promise of stocks, and shares, or other security issued by another company in return for capital. Apart from equity-based crowdfunding, there are different types of crowdfunding. We’ll get into that slowly and gradually.



Platforms like Gofundme are some great examples of donation-based crowdfunding platforms. These platforms help you get more funding from businesses or individuals without getting anything back in return.


Crowdfunding Based on Rewards

People normally choose to fund a specific project or campaign to get a reward in return. Let’s say a new product is set to launch on a specific date, you might want to invest in it to get a free sample in the long run.


Peer to peer lending

This method involves no middle man. This way of lending is more direct. You might end up taking loans from other people. That’s why this method of lending is also considered crowdfunding.


Real Estate

Real estate crowdfunding offers opportunities for individuals to invest in real estate projects. This helps people lay their hands on a mortgage, acquire land without dealing with a broker or real estate agent.


Human Capital

This is one way for investors to carry out different projects. Investors always want to invest in a project to get their fair share of winning. Let’s take the example of poker players. If a group of people wants to set up a game, they’d want to invest in it and a team will share the winning reward at the end of the game.

What are the Potential Risks of Crowdsourcing? It might look like an easy alternative, but remember that crowdfunding for any campaign or project requires a lot of work, promotion, and attention. Success doesn’t come overnight. At the end of the day, nothing comes overnight, You need to invest your time and energy in something that pays back.


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