Online Exclusive Package

Whether you’re looking for someone to do a yearly analysis for you, or you want some advice with tax liabilities and dates. We’ll even send out automated email reminders so that you don’t miss out on any deadlines. Count on our guys for continuous email and telephone support. We’ll make sure you get help with preparation of personal tax returns as well. Take a look at our self-employed packages.



(Fee Exclusive of VAT)
  • Turnover Per Year:
  • Self Employement Income
  • Employement Income, Including Pension, Benefits & Expenses
  • Preparation of Personal Tax Return
  • Filing of Personal Tax Return to HMRC
  • Telephone & Email Support
  • Advising you about the Tax liabialities & Dates
  • Act as an Agent & Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Automated email reminders
  • Property Income- One Property
  • Property Income - Additional Property per year
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations - Each CGT Calculations

1. Basic

£16.67Per Month
  • One off Service
  • £80
  • £150

2. Silver

£21.84Per Month
  • £20K a year
  • £80
  • £150

3. Gold

£25Per Month
  • 21K to £50K
  • £80
  • £150

4. Diamond

£35Per Month
  • £51K to 81K
  • £80
  • £150

5. Diamond

£45Per Month
  • £82K to £150K
  • £80
  • £150

Please note, These packages are only available online and available for new clients. Prices are exclusive of VAT& for UK residents only. Assuming information will be provided on a  spreadsheet.


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