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Quarterly VAT Return


The most common set of quarterly VAT return dates is:
  • 1st January – 31st March.
  • 1st April – 30th June.
  • 1st July – 30th September.
  • 1st October – 31st December.

But what is a VAT return? A VAT return is a structure you document with HMRC. This occurs typically four times each year. This is done to show the VAT amount due to you. If you’re not enrolled for VAT, there’s no record of VAT returns. The VAT return shows the calculation of the amount of VAT due on sales minus the amount of VAT that can be claimed on purchases.

A VAT Return figures the  VAT amount you owe. HMRC (or the amount they owe you) are taken at:

  • Your complete deals and buys over a three-month bookkeeping period.
  • The measure of VAT you owe for deals.
  • The measure of VAT you get to recover for a list of things you must buy for your business.

All VAT-enrolled organizations must submit VAT Returns. It’s completely regardless of the fact that there is no VAT to pay or recover. Organizations that are not VAT enrolled don’t have to submit VAT Returns.


Your VAT returns show that you owe more VAT than you recover. Pay the difference to HMRC. There’s a wide range of alternatives for covering your VAT tab including direct debit, online credit or check card instalment, and a standing request.

If  HMRC owes any cash, make sure there are restricted moves that help you take care of extraordinary VAT tab. The cutoff time for covering your VAT tab is a similar date by which you present your VAT Return (1 schedule month and 7 days after the finish of your record period). You ought to permit an ideal opportunity for your instalments to arrive at HMRC.


In the event that your VAT Return shows up,  it’s easier for you to recover more VAT than the sum you owe. HMRC will refund the difference.

VAT repayments are endorsed within 30 days when HMRC  starts accepts your VAT returns. If HMRC has certain bank issues or subtleties, we’ll make sure to get all these resolved before time.  The refund will go straight to your ledger. If not, you will be sent a check.

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