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How to Combine Social Media with Other Forms of Marketing

Consolidating social media and marketing is an extraordinary method to support your marketing potential. 

Utilizing both of these channels on their own makes for a powerful advertising technique. However, on the off chance that you consolidate the two, you will intensify the qualities of each while lessening their shortcomings.

Social media ought not to be seen as an independent channel that is discrete from other marketing activities. All things being equal, see it as a “multiplier” that incorporates with and improves existing marketing correspondence systems. 

All in all, as opposed to making online media crusades, make the entirety of your marketing campaigns social. 

Here are different ways to incorporate social media with different types of marketing:


Coordinate Email and Social Media 

There are 3.9 billion Email clients worldwide while the web-based media populace lies around 3.2 billion. Email and social media go hand in hand. Here are pointers for how to consolidate them:

  • Incorporate social media icons that connect to your business social networks in email layouts, to make it simple for pursuers to discover you on social networks. 
  • Add social sharing catches to email formats. That way, in the event that somebody loves your mission they should simply click a catch to impart it to companions and adherents. 
  • Post email crusades via social media. Some email advertising stages incorporate the capacity to computerize this cycle. 
  • Convert social supporters to email contacts. Offer information exchange structures intended for use on Facebook Pages. 


Make a Twitter Channel for Customer Service 

As opposed to considering Twitter a solitary channel that joins item advancement, brand observing, content showcasing, and client cooperation, make it one piece of your client support network by making a different record for the sole motivation behind reacting to client inquiries, input, and concerns. 

This methodology, famous among bigger organizations, is one that more modest organizations can undoubtedly imitate.

Target Journalists Using Social Media

Journalists search for trustworthy sources when leading exploration for articles. One spot they look at is social media. 

Rather than trusting they will discover you, follow them, and afterward remark on and share their substance. All the more critically, produce a substance of your own that sets up your idea initiative and skill, which you partner through social networks.


This is a typical publicizing practice among bigger brands and in light of current circumstances. It gives a separating system through which forthcoming clients recognize themselves as dependent on subjects of shared interest. 

Most social networks currently join hashtags, so it’s a simple method to get your message before possibilities without the requirement for obvious advertising strategies.


Copy Existing Content to Social Networks 

Your current content stays just on your site. All things considered, place it on social and content networks where it very well may be discovered all the more without any problem. Put PowerPoint decks on Slideshare, recordings on YouTube, photographs on Flickr, archives on Scribd, and blog entries on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

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