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How to Build a Startup with No Money

You’ve always been dreaming of investing in your dream project for quite some time, but you don’t have the funding for it. If you’ve got no other alternative career apart from launching this particular startup,  you need some serious guidance on how to build a startup with no money.

So, most people consider venture funding or external funding options for their startups. Just to motivate you, please know that some companies that launched their startups without any funding include Dell, Microsoft, and Virgin. So let’s consider all the pointers on how to build a startup, and what good it brings at your end.

You Lead

There. We said it. The biggest advantage of having a startup of your own is that you get to lead like a boss. Even though you lack funding, you’re busy hunting some investors or giving a try to crowdfunding, there’s no way you’re not going to like being a boss. Even if you’re not a born leader, the process of coaching other people and watching them excel has its own joy.

Be Smart About Your Business Model

You’ve got to be smart about your business model. If you’ve got a business model that consumes a lot of money, you need to get another business model. Make sure you’re hiring experts to get the job done. You don’t want a business model that drains a lot of your money.

Make your Customer Keep Coming Back for More

This one is one of the most important points of how to build a startup‘. Customer service is often taken very lightly, but this is something of utmost importance. Make sure you’re hiring top salespeople and top customer care people that follow a customer care model that actually works.


Remember that none of the above tips/pointers are as important, as your product or service itself. If your product/service is good enough, people are attracted to it like anything. Your reviews get better, and more money keeps in so you can always hire better people to get the job done.


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