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How to Apply for a License for Events and Businesses

Planning an event is a whole task and needs attention if you want it to be successful. There are a number of procedural and other norms that you need to go through before finalizing everything. This includes obtaining permissions and licenses for event-related specific things.

It is normal to obtain more than one license for different types of permissions. This may involve an alcohol license or getting permission to set up a temporary structure to create space for hosting the event.

We will look at some of the event-related permissions.


Entertainment and Alcohol License

In case you are making arrangements for your event at a public space, you will need to obtain an entertainment license for it. This entertainment license will cover music, singing, dancing, film, and other kinds of entertainment modes.

The licensing act 2003 will be applied to the selling of alcohol. This means you have to obtain a license to sell the alcohol both outside and inside venues. Some places already hold the necessary license, but confirm before deciding.


Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

TEN is a Temporary Event Notice and it is the most straightforward way to cover the event under the licensing act 2003. But there are some limitations attached to this.

The TEN:

  •         Will allow you to cater a maximum of 499 people on site
  •         Is valid for 4 days
  •         Can be obtained 12 times for a certain premise in a calendar year – this will cover a total of 15 days in a year


Premises License

If you are choosing a venue with a premises license then you don’t need to do anything further. This license is valid for life and you don’t have to obtain a new one. So, confirm and clarify the position of the venue before applying for the license yourself.


Performing Rights Society (PRS)

PRS is a Performing Rights Society that collects fees. This is a royalty payment for composers that PRS collects before hosting a public event that involves playback music. You need this permit if you are going to arrange this sort of event.


Temporary Structures

You will need to submit a section 30 application to obtain a license for the temporary structure, mast, or building.

You can get permission for an unlimited period of time. Even if they are not valid for a long time, they are easily renewable. This depends on the use of the structure and the time duration you want to use.

There may be other permits and licenses that you need. It will depend on nature and the duration you intend the use the structure. You have to confirm with the local authorities before you hold the event. Make sure you have plenty of time to go through all the procedures.


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