Hiring An Accountant

Reasons For Hiring An Accountant | Guidelines for Small Businesses

No doubt hiring an accountant is an added, albeit a necessary, expense. Thus, you have to understand what accountants can do to help you so that you hire someone who can be of help. Taxes and payroll are some of the things that accountants in London can help you deal with, but there are other matters which they can be of service to your business.


Reasons For Hiring An Accountant

At various stages of the growth of your company, there are good reasons for hiring an accountant. An accountant will make it simpler for you at – point, from a business plan to company forming, loan application to a tax investigation. Here are five reasons why hiring an accountant is important for your business:


1. They can help to fill your tax forms correctly and on time

As a busy business owner, you don’t have all the time in the world to scrutinize every detail on your tax form, nor to file them with the HMRC by yourself. Such a lack of time (and attention to detail) will make you prone to penalties, even seven years’ jail time for tax evasion. Even the slightest mistakes can have the gravest consequences, which is why you need someone who can focus on your taxes. Hiring a professional would also help you focus on earning more money.


2. They can help you cut your taxes

Aside from filling your tax forms correctly and on time, accountants in London can help you save on tax bills. As much as you don’t want to pay your taxes at all, you are required to do so by law. Fortunately, pro-business MPs have shaped the UK’s tax laws that allow you to have some leeway to cut your taxes legally. Only accountants know how you can do so. Tax laws also tend to shift from time to time, and more so under the taxation uncertainties following Brexit. A tax accountant can help you get through the changing tax tides so that you pay as little tax as possible despite what Brexit may bring.


3. They can help you plan your finances

Cutting tax bills is not only a matter of identifying which parts of your income would be exempt from taxation. It is also a matter of taking advantage of tax amnesties that the government may offer during a year. Minimizing your tax expenses should be part and parcel of your yearly business operational plans, such as how you consider conserving on utility bills. A chartered accountant can help you plan your budgeting and operational expenditures to achieve this objective. They can also advise you on what should be done to grow your business at the least cost.


4. They can help you make big business decisions

Your small business accountants can gather data concerning various departments and types of expenditures within your company to come up with a report that tells you of your overall financial status. Their access to your financial data gives them this depth of insight that you may not have since you may have other pressing matters to attend to. The number-crunching and bookkeeping they do will provide you with what you need to decide on pressing issues.


5. They can help you save time and give you peace of mind

Time and peace of mind are two priceless things that hiring an accountant can give you. With someone who can deal with the tediousness of your business and financials, you can be sure that your financial obligations and tasks are carried out even without you doing them.

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