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Free Accounting Software for UK Small Business in 2021

An accountancy computer program can run your trade faster, easier, and simpler. Luckily there are a few incredible free accounting software to help your business grow. Check out the alternatives here, and discover the correct fit for your trade.

Anybody who’s ever runs an enterprise knows how tough accounting can be. Knowing how much cash is coming in and out is critical, but keeping track of it all can be upsetting and time-devouring, particularly for the UK’s owners of small businesses.

Remember that no accounting software is a replacement for a skilled human accountant and that free packages are more restricted than paid ones. In this blog, there is a list of the free accounting software that has inspired us most recently. This isn’t a positioning but a straightforward list – a few packages will be high-quality in a few regions and low-quality in others, depending on your business particular needs.

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Top Free Accounting Software 

You might not know that there’s a few awesome free accounting software out there, along with the major players like Sage, QuickBooks, Zero and FreshBooks, that are idealised for early-stage businesses and have to account for each penny carefully.

Considering the requirements of UK SMEs, we’ve taken an extensive look at what’s out there and picked out top free accounting software based on their features, design, ease of use, plan, adaptability and appropriateness for the UK tax system & for different sorts of businesses. The top free accounting software are as follows:

free accounting software uk


QuickFile is used by numerous consultants, business visionaries and small businesses. It is scoring 4.7 out of 5 from over 1,200 surveys on Trustpilot. QuickFile permits you to consequently bring in transactions by connecting to 50 UK banks and over 300 other web administrations as it is cloud-based free accounting software.


QuickFile offers a free and paid-for facility. To be qualified for the free facility, you’ll have to keep your ledger entries under 1,000 a year and be ready to come across advertisements

  • Integration with over 50 computerised bank feeds
  • Easily oversee invoices
  • Track and record VAT returns
  • Generate a extend of reports that deliver understanding into your business
  • Full multi-currency support
  • Tools to make gauges, buy orders, and conveyance notes
  • Permits you to form invoices/estimates (a mobile app) and uploads costs receipts on the go
  • On the off chance that you wish to post difficult duplicates of your invoices, statements or estimates, a consistent ‘click to print’ feature is available



GnuCash is a public desktop accounting program. This implies that, opposite to a cloud-based framework, you’ll have to download and install it on your system. The code is additionally accessible to anybody, permitting volunteer engineers to include additional functionalities or debug errors. This makes the stage exceptionally adaptable and free for a lifetime. It contains no ads, but on the drawback, it’s not the best or most instinctive software to work with.  


Following are the features of GnuCash:

  • A check book-style interface that permits you to record exchanges through double-entry accounting
  • Support for repeating transactions
  • Generate reports, which shows profit and loss, balance sheets etc.
  •  Customer and seller tracking tools
  • Multiple cash support
  • Compatible with QIF records utilised by a few other accounting software
  • Handles invoicing, credit notes, accounts payable & receivable and some payroll features

GnuCash doesn’t offer the more advanced features such as open banking integration or a mobile app.



FreeAgent is accounting software, which is only free to trade banking clients of NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland. Besides this, it is an effective piece of a cloud-based program with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. In addition to that, it is utilised by 90,000 SME’s within the UK. Consequently, it permits you to create VAT returns and fills the larger part of the Self-Assessment tax return form for you. Furthermore, you can view a clear picture of the salary, time, and costs related to each project. In this way, you can see your business financial position, whether you are making a profit or loss.


Following are the features of FreeAgent:

  • Create and send professional estimates and invoices
  • Time tracking devices so you’ll be able to create smart timesheets easily
  • Powerful HM Resource & Customs integration
  • Automatic creation of VAT returns
  • A dashboard to monitor your cash flow easily
  • Forecasting the Corporation tax
  • Project-related information like revenue, time, and costs associated with that specific project is clearly shown
  • A fully featured mobile app


Wave Accounting

Wave has over two million clients, making it a well known free accounting software among self-employed persons, consultants and small trades. It guarantees boundless accounting, invoicing and receipt tracking administrations, meaning you’ll be able to utilise as much as you need for as long as you required. It’s moreover known for having an excellent and convenient interface. Not suitable for the UK small businesses as payroll is not included in their free service. It is also not recommended for companies with high sales volume.


Following are the features of Wave Accounting:

  • Creates and send invoices
  • Unlimited income and costs tracking
  • Receipts can be scan through a smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • Create and export a range of accounting reports
  • Automatic exchange rate calculations
  • Multi-currency support
  • Connections to PayPal, Shoeboxes, and Etsy
  • A smart dashboard that composes wage, costs, instalments, and invoices
  • As well as receipt creation and scanning, the portable (mobile) app permits you to maintain a log of your accounts effortlessly


VT Cashbook

VT Cashbook is extraordinary for small trades searching for a basic, no-fuss way to manage the accounts. It’s a desktop program, meaning you’ll need to install it – on the also side, you won’t indeed require an online association to utilise it. The free version offers essential functionality, permitting you to record day-to-day cash transactions. It also provides services, which allows you to prepare balance sheets and P&L statements.


Following are the features of VT Cashbook:

  • Maintain a log of multiple bank/cash accounts
  • Fast data entry with autocomplete
  • Produce VAT returns(with paid upgrade)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Correct mistakes easily
  • Prepare balance sheets and P&L statements


How to Select the Most Suitable Free Accounting Software?

Choose the best free accounting software according to your business needs and that is most feasible to you. Before choosing any software, consider the following points:

  • Mobile app
  • Easy to install and use
  • Feasible in terms of both time and money
  • Access to another user


Final Thoughts

One should consider carefully while choosing the right free accounting software for his trade, as it is a critical choice. You can save countless hours, money and energy by choosing the right solution to your business problems. Small businesses in the UK are fully attracted towards the free accounting software but keep in mind that all these free software comes with certain compromises, so you’ve got to think about which of these best suits your needs.

Unable to choose the right accounting software? Let us help you in selecting the most suitable accounting software for your business. We are qualified, friendly and reasonable, and keep up with all the latest improvements in your business to increase your finances like never before!


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