Bad Publicity

Here’s Our Checklist to Deal with Bad Publicity

It is said every publicity is good publicity but then at times bad publicity can certainly harm you in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Just because you are talked about something does not make it a good thing, at times people are talking about boycotting your business and that is not something you would want. 

So, what if you land in hot water? How do you handle the bad publicity? At times an apology works but most of the time it does not and you just get more trolled for the apology you made. Seems like no getting out of this one, right? But hey, you don’t need to worry since we bring you dealing with a bad publicity checklist:


Speak up

This is not a love affair where you stay quiet and expect the other person to understand, oh no. No matter what stance you have about the bad publicity, you need to respond to it. In the event that you don’t, it permits individuals to expect that the bad publicity is right. Also, on the other hand, it gives the feeling that you couldn’t care less about the objection. 

Never use the “no comment” approach, that is like adding fuel to the fire.

Approach the issue as you would to a client’s grievance. So, listen completely to the individual who is causing the awful exposure. Once you hear them out then it is up to you to give them a public apology and make it up to them or just sort the matter out and ask them to give you a good feedback then. 

Either way, before you do anything make sure the other party is not taking advantage of the situation or exploiting you and they are right with their complaint; do not fall under pressure. 


Think if through

On the off chance that the media inclusion is supported, recognize the grumbling and address the issue. Staying quiet basically suggests guilt. 

Be that as it may, similarly, if the negative inclusion is inappropriate, say so, giving your reasons. 

As a precaution that you are being sensible and your phrasing are positive and valuable, test your reaction with a free individual and request genuine input.


PR firm

Everything should be given to the experts and in a “bad publicity” situation you should definitely get some help from a PR firm. They handle all these shenanigans every other day and know which approach to go about. 


Good PR

Leave it all on the PR firm or create your own good PR, that is your decision. Remake your association’s standing by creating great PR – for instance, through supporting a cause or accomplishing great work locally. Assemble relations with journalists, so if there is a ‘later opportunity’ they will have some earlier comprehension of you and your business.


Look back 

Once the dust has settled, review what has occurred and consider ways you might have acted contrastingly which would have prompted a better result. Learn from your mistake and make sure never to repeat it, just in case you do repeat it then at least the next time you will handle it better and know how to go about it.


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